The therapy

In years Ratok®therapy protocols have improved thanks to the technological evolution and enhancement of the device and nowadays it follows this therapy plan, modifiable according to the subjective response o to the personal needs of the patient, especially if they live abroad or far from Milan’s Medical Dermatological Centre:

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First cycle

Consists in 1-5 applications, once a day, each lasting 15/30 minutes, to be carried out in 1-5 consecutive days. A good epidermic reactivity and a reduced amount of achromic surface often lower the number of sessions in this first cycle of treatment. The first cycle is preceded by: a specialized dermatologic visit including mole mapping through videodermoscopy; computerized filling of the medical records; Ratok®derm dermal topography for localization of patches and percentage estimate of skin surface suffering from vitiligo; computerized recording and filing of fluorescent light images, Wood’s lamp for comparative examination of results; MED-test (Minimum Erythema Dose) to determine subjective reactivity to micro-photo-irradiation for therapy planning. The test results can be read within 12-24 hours. All the examinations are not invasive.

After the first cycle

Depending on the results and check-ups, the dermatologist will schedule the following therapy plan, valid for the next 4 months, except for individual needs. Usually the patient will undergo 1 or more phototherapeutic applications in the same session. It can be repeated after 7/15 days. The therapy protocol has to be followed until the end of the treatment. The time needed to get results appears in “NEW Photographic documentation”. Just in a few, particularly persistent cases the treatment can last up to 24 months. It is necessary to point out that facial vitiligo patches can be removed very quickly if compared to those of the superior limbs (hands). Another important element of Ratok®therapy is the absence of relapses: in more than 15 years, all the patients who followed the dermatologists’ advice achieved the elimination of their skin imperfections.