How it works

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Ratok®therapy employs an exclusive device (covered by international patent and currently produced by Quanta System Spa, leading company in the production of electro-medical equipment) that supplies UVB rays with emission peak of 311 nm –related to its photospectrometry-(Pic. 14 and 15), with photo-emissive high definition.

It can vary the “light power” and the ray dimensions to consequently hit de-pigmented epidermic patches of specific shape and size, without interfering with the normally-pigmented skin and completely avoiding any adjuvant systemic therapy (Pic. 16). The spot duration varies from 1 to 3 seconds and, as a consequence of the stimulation, 12/24 hours later a uniform and/or multiform erythematous reaction appears.

Effect obtained using specific micro-perforated molds (masks) of few millimeters diameter, applied directly on the skin to be treated.

The chromatic reconstruction of vitiligo patches does not happen by peripheral narrowing, but by progressive melanic filling of all the skin surface affected by achromia.

Skin moisture is fundamental to obtain results: a regular and correct moisturizing allows a major absorption of light (both during phototherapy sessions and in case of sun exposure) accelerating the healing process. In fact, the energy produced by photoemission generates heath and heath causes energy waste. The micronized water micro-spheres contained in the moisturizer have the precise goal of delaying this waste (refreshing the areas hit by the light beam) to concentrate all the energy into melanocytes.

Ratok®therapy does not have contraindications or collateral effects. Unlike the usual phototherapies associated to systemic photosensitizers, Ratok®therapy can be used in pediatrics, where excellent to good results have been achieved in almost all the cases.